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Britain's WORST STORM in 144 YEARS confirmed: Met Office warns officials of SUPER EL NINO

Britain's WORST STORM in 144 YEARS confirmed: Met Office warns officials of SUPER EL NINO

FORECASTERS have warned senior officials to expect
the worst storm in 144 years, in a report confirming Britain should
prepare for the coldest winter on record.

06:51, Mon, Nov 9, 2015

| UPDATED: 09:34, Mon, Nov 9, 2015 The Express


Experts warn the El Nino could cause catastrophe

Three months of storms are set to kick off within days after the biggest "Super El Nino" charges up to batter the UK. 

Met Office forecast has warned of catasrophic effects – with more than
one and a half foot of rain which will cause floods, along with
gale-force winds and freezing -14C temperatures until early 2016.

experts have alerted councils, transport operators and even emergency
services ahead of the El Nino – which "will more likely than not become
the strongest ever on record". 

caused by the El Nino - which is caused by the warming of the Pacific
Ocean - will be similar to the winter of 2013, which saw chaos across
the UK and left 17 people dead.

The report says: "The risk of
spells of windy or stormy weather is greater than usual. There is clear
shift towards above-average rainfall.

"El Nino moderately
increases the probability of increased frequency of Atlantic depressions
crossing the UK and wetter-than-average conditions."


The winter of 2013 left 17 people dead

The revelation confirms last month's exclusive which alerted Britain of a savage cold winter riddled with heavy snowstorms.

When the El Nino phenomenon was announced earlier this year forecasters hoped it would fizzle out before winter.

But temperatures in the Pacific Ocean have been rising too steadily for experts to ignore.

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