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MH370 crash site 'FOUND': Airline captain pinpoints exact co-ordinates of doomed plane

MH370 crash site 'FOUND': Airline captain pinpoints exact co-ordinates of doomed plane

MISSING Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 could be
found in the next FOUR WEEKS by search parties scouring the southern
Indian Ocean after a pilot produced an ironclad mathematical formula.

00:17, Wed, Nov 11, 2015

| UPDATED: 01:31, Wed, Nov 11, 2015  from The Express UK

plane and mapGetty•Google Maps

MH370 went missing in March last year

Simon Hardy, who has more than 17-years experience flying the Asian air
routes, has developed a detailed mathematical and geometric calculation
which indicates where the doomed Boeing 777 came down last March with
279 passengers and crew on board as it flew from Kuala Lumpur to

Australia resumed its deep-sea search last week based on
the location identified 11-months-ago by the Boeing 777 captain as
MH370's final resting place.

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There is definite cause for renewed hope this time

David Learmont

His intricate calculations put the
co-ordinates as S39 22' 46" E087 6' 20" - which is between the bottom of
South Africa and the southern tip of the Australian mainland where
Melbourne is and east south east of Île Amsterdam, a French island in
the southern Indian Ocean.

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