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DUSK FOR THE EU? European Union flag burned as tens of thousands join Warsaw nationalist demo

Matt_ADMIN_Matt_ADMIN_ Administrator

Tens of thousands of protesters poured into Warsaw's streets on Wednesday for a demonstration organised by the far right, marching under the slogan "Poland for the Polish" and burning an EU flag.
Police said 25,000 people joined the march, which marked the anniversary of Poland's return to independence after the First World War, while organisers put the numbers at 50,000.
"God, honour, homeland," chanted the protesters as they marched under a sea of red-and-white Polish flags.
Demonstrators trampled and burned a European Union flag at one point, while a banner added to the anti-EU theme with the slogan "EU macht frei" ("Work makes you free" in German), a reference to the slogan over the gates at Auschwitz.
"Yesterday it was Moscow, today it's Brussels which takes away our freedom," chanted one group of protesters.

"...Say, 'GOD is sufficient for me.' In Him the trusters shall trust." (Quran 39:38)


  • I think people are generally guilty of assuming that organisations existing in their time must exist forever, and that the modern age is so progressive and advanced that we can't fall victim to the mistakes of the past.  History shows us, however, that nations, empires, companies and other kinds of organisations are not immortal and in fact are prone to breaking up, reforming, going to war against one another and enduring many other changes.  Is the EU any different?

    The map as we see it today is certainly not the final edition of the map.  I imagine many countries and borders will change, and that many alliances will rise and fall as the decades progress.  There isn't much that is unified about the EU at this point, and the United Nations seldom unite on even the simplest of policies, so I think both organisations are on the way out.
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