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‘alien fish' with wings & glowing eyes: Rare long-nose chimaera pulled from the sea, Newfoundland

Lynsey_ADMIN_Lynsey_ADMIN_ Administrator

Greek mythology has stories about Chimaera, a monstrous fire-breathing lion, goat and snake hybrid and one has been recently caught off the coast of Newfoundland.

But this creature is a deep sea fish with a slimy body, green glowing eyes and ribbed fins that look like feathered wings.

This eerie catch is said to be a long-nose chimaera that branched off from sharks almost 400 million years ago.

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  • With the knife and blood lying round this fish, I'm wondering whether someone has cut different bits and pieces of fish and fashioned it into a "chimaera"  The "wing" on one side is smaller than the other which surely would throw it off balance. It would likely swim in circles all the time!! The body looks proportionately too short and  on a close look seems to be diagonally  reassembled.  With the head and nose that long surely it would need a lengthier body to avoid it continuously nosediving into the seabed?  Who knows that someone hasn't stuck a torch inside its head making its eyes glow eerie green :/ 

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  • Rosie_MOD_Rosie_MOD_ Moderator
    edited March 2016
    In focussing on the knife and blood I could have been a bit harsh.  It seems photos of the chimaera can look a bit lopsided and on closer examination the fish in the photo may be longer than I thought as the tail part in the photo seems  to extend down into the sink. Here's one on it's side.

    "We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves."

  • Matt_ADMIN_Matt_ADMIN_ Administrator
    What an utterly bizarre creature. As Rosie said, it really looks like several creatures mashed themselves together to create something that makes us what to stay out of the oceans, lol.
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