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Russia sends military planes, biohazard troops to fight Siberian anthrax outbreak

Lynsey_ADMIN_Lynsey_ADMIN_ Administrator
The Russian military are assisting the local authorities in dealing with a deadly anthrax outbreak. The occurrence in western Siberia has already killed 1,500 reindeer, which are used as livestock by the indigenous people.

The Russian Air Force is surveying the area in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Area affected by the anthrax outbreak in preparation for the deployment of biohazard troops.

Transport planes have delivered 200 personnel, some 30 all-terrain vehicles and all the necessary supplies for the decontamination mission, which is mostly disposing of carcasses of animals killed by the lethal disease, to the region’s capital Salekhard.

The response comes after anthrax was confirmed to be the cause of death of some of 1,500 reindeer, who died in Yamal over the past weeks. The governor declared a state of emergency on Monday, when numerous reports of the mass deaths of livestock started to surface.

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    I wonder what's really going on up there...
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  • Rosie_MOD_Rosie_MOD_ Moderator

    Heat Wave Sparks Anthrax Outbreak in Russia's Yamalo-Nenets Area

    by Alexey Eremenko

    MOSCOW — Thirteen members of a nomadic Siberian community have been hospitalized after a heat wave thawed the carcass of an anthrax-infected reindeer and sparked an outbreak of the disease.

    Around 1,500 of the animals have died from the highly infectious disease since Sunday, the government of Russia's Yamalo-Nenets autonomous district announced on its website Tuesday.

    Image Reindeer
    Reindeer gather in Russia's Yamalo-Nenets autonomous district on August 2, 2015. Sergei Karpukhin / REUTERS FILE

    A state of emergency has been imposed throughout the region in western Siberia due to the incident — the first of its kind since 1941.

    The carcass of a reindeer thought to have died from anthrax decades ago thawed and released the bacteria, sending the disease rippling through a population of animals already weakened by unusually high temperatures, according to local officials.

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    Temperatures in the Yamal tundra above the Arctic Circle have hit highs of 95 degrees this summer, compared to an average of 77 degrees.

    Image Map showing Russias Yamalo-Nenets autonomous district
    A map showing the location of Russia's Yamalo-Nenets autonomous district. Google Maps

    At least 63 members of the Nenet community have been relocated as a result of the outbreak, their tents disinfected and children sent to a boarding school, the government said. The Nenets are traditional deer-herders and their livelihoods are linked to the animals.

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