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Cougar kidnapping: Child survives mountain lion ‘abduction’ near Idaho campsite

Cougar kidnapping: Child survives mountain lion ‘abduction’ near Idaho campsite

Published time: 14 Aug, 2016 17:22Edited time: 14 Aug, 2016 17:23
Ilya Naymushin
© Ilya Naymushin / Reuters
A four-year-old girl was lucky to escape serious injury, or even death, when a wild cougar pounced and almost carried her off into the woods.

The attack occurred on Friday near Green Canyon Hot Springs, a popular getaway in Newdale, Idaho, where an unnamed family had pitched a tent.

What was meant to be a pleasant camping trip in Idaho’s great outdoors nearly became a vacation from hell, when a big cat eyed the family’s four-year-old daughter as a potential tasty dinner.

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According to local rangers, the mountain lion managed to take the toddler in its jaws before the girl’s relatives frightened it away by yelling and chasing the animal.

The child survived with only minor cuts and bruises, but her grandfather, Jim Sevy, said the incident could have ended in tragedy.

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