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Lightning strikes again!: Herd of 19 cows is killed by a single lightning strike in Texas

Lynsey_ADMIN_Lynsey_ADMIN_ Administrator
A single bolt of lightning killed 19 cows after they gathered underneath a tree to take shelter from a storm in Hallsville, Texas. The majority of the cows that were under the tree dropped dead in an incident that has been described as a freak accident. However the deaths comes just a few weeks after 323 reindeer were taken out by a lightning strike in central Norway. John Jensenius from the US National Weather Service explained to the New York Times that 'lightning does not strike a point, it strikes an area' so multiple cows were felled.

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  • mrpops09_CMOD_mrpops09_CMOD_ Chief Moderator
    So, pre-cooked beef? 
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