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What happened to Natsumi? Missing Japanese student is found dead in abandoned Canadian mansion

Vancouver police have confirmed one man has been charged after the body of missing Japanese student Natsumi Kogawa, 30, was found at a mansion in the city's West End.

Kogawa's body was discovered at an historic downtown building known as the Gabriola Mansion. 

William Victor Schneider, 48, was arrested in Vernon, British Colombia. and remains in custody. 

Friends reported her disappearance on September 12, some five days after she went missing. 

A Facebook group was launched to spread the word and to try and generate a timeline of her last known movements.

People even went to places in downtown Vancouver where Kogawa would spend her time and handed out missing posters to strangers in the hope of jogging their memories.

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  • harvery2003harvery2003 Member
    edited March 2017
    William Victor Schneider (49) originally from Vernon, BC charged with 2nd Degree Murder on Feb.10th 2017 in relation to Natsumi Kogawa who it it is alleged he murdered on Sept.8th 2016 in Vancouver has also been charged with Attempted Sexual Assault in an unrelated incident that is alleged to have occurred Sept.28th 2016 in Vernon, B.C..

    Sworn date for that charge was Jan.31.2017

    The date of the sexual assault attempt is the same day he was arrested in Vernon for Indignity to a Body charge (in relation to Natsumi) Sept.28th 2016. He appeared in court Feb.16th in Vernon, BC for this ATTEMPTED SEXUAL ASSAULT charge.

    His next appearance is scheduled March 30th 2017 in Vernon for this charge.

    SCHNEIDER has remained in custody at the South Fraser Pretrial facility in Port Coquitlam, BC since his arrest in Vernon on Sept.28th 2016.

    Hopefully there are convictions on all counts and WILLIAM V. SCHNEIDER is incarcerated the rest of his life. 
  • She was from a town 10 minutes from my house by car, according to the Japanese media.

    Walked by the mansion (used to be a Macaroni Grill restaurant) on Davie Street during a visit to Canada a couple of months ago and saw that some effort has been made to make the lot less accessible to the public.

    Seems like a pretty standard abduction/rape/murder case to me.  It's possible he convinced her to leave with him (either by being really charming, or exploiting some naivete she might have had), then did the deed later on.
  • Matt_ADMIN_Matt_ADMIN_ Administrator
    Welcome to the website, @harvery2003 ;
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  • William Victor Schneider will next appear in court in relation to the ATTEMPTED SEXUAL ASSAULT charge (unrelated to Natsumi Kogawa) on April 13th 2017 in Vernon, BC.
  • mrpops09_CMOD_mrpops09_CMOD_ Chief Moderator
    William Victor Schneider will next appear in court in relation to the ATTEMPTED SEXUAL ASSAULT charge (unrelated to Natsumi Kogawa) on April 13th 2017 in Vernon, BC.
    @harvery2003 Welcome to the site! Appreciate the update. That dude is a messed up individual 
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  • William Victor Schneider (49) formally of Vernon BC, Canada and charged with 2nd Degree on Feb10th 2017 for the Sept.8th 2016 Vancouver, BC murder of Natsumi Kogawa appeared in court April 12th in Vernon, BC where the court recorded his intention to PLEAD GUILTY to ATTEMPTED SEXUAL ASSAULT in relation to an incident that occurred in Vernon after he allegedly murdered Natsumi. SCHNEIDER will PLEAD GUILTY to this unrelated SEXUAL ASSAULT charge on April 27th 2017 in Vernon. He is in custody pending the murder trial. Let's hope the courts deal with him accordingly and he does not rejoin the community for the rest of his life.
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