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Millions in path of typhoon Nock-ten spinning towards the Philippines

Millions in path of typhoon Nock-ten spinning towards the Philippines

from NBC News

The most powerful late-season tropical storm in the north-west Pacific in decades is spinning towards the Philippines, potentially crossing near the capital Manila on Boxing Day.

Philippine authorities on Saturday started evacuating thousands or people from coastal villages in the country's central region ahead of strong winds and heavy rains.

Typhoon Nock-ten to make landfall on Christmas

Severe tropical storm Nock-ten gains intensity as it moves closer to the Philippines, threatening to cross the capital Manila on Boxing Day.

Typhoon Nock-ten – also known as Typhoon Nina in the Philippines – was generating sustained winds over open water of 130 knots or about 240 km/h, with gusts of 160 knots or almost 300 km/h, according to the Joint Typhoon Warning Center. 

At those wind speeds, the tempest is a category 4-strength storm, or super typhoon, although it will slow once it makes landfall.

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