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Auditor Finds Australia's Immigration Dept. Spent $2.2bn on Questionable Offshore Detention

Australia’s immigration department spent $2.2bn on its offshore detention regime without proper authorisation, a scathing report from the government’s own independent auditor has found.

The report, published on Tuesday by the Australian National Audit Office, condemned the Department of Immigration and Border Protection for its handling of contracts to run offshore detention, saying the detention regimes on Nauru and Manus held people in unhealthy and dangerous conditions, were wasteful of public money, and damaging to Australia’s reputation.

The auditor found the department failed to get “value for money” in running offshore detention: contracts were signed “in great haste to give effect to government policy decisions and the department did not have a detailed view of what it wanted to purchase”.

In some cases, private contractors tendering for contracts were invited to suggest elements they would like written into contracts, and contracts were signed before agreement on a price.

In addition the auditor raised safety concerns, finding massive gaps in the video recordings taken within the island detention camps.


  • They probably would have spent a lot more if the detention was "onshore" as labour costs are way more expensive within Australia than say on Christmas Island.  Having the detention offshore is intended as a deterrent to the people smugglers who make a fortune ferrying people from Indonesia, otherwise a lot more would pay for passage over on boats that often aren't even safe.  When the boats are close to shoreline it's common knowledge that they're deliberately sunk so the Captain can't be ordered to turn the boat around and go back.   Additionally some have carried dogs on the boats. Rabies is endemic in Indonesia and other S.E Asian countries so it would be a disaster if it were brought in here same as Foot and Mouth disease which some animals carry.  There's been instances where boats have landed undetected and people with dogs have walked into W.A. coastal areas.  In the 70's boats also came from Vietnam. A bus driver I knew said most of them weren't poor and some came in with a lot of gold hidden under their clothes.

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