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Did you know the Illuminati apparently now have their own website, and "First Testament" scripture?

Matt_ADMIN_Matt_ADMIN_ Administrator
edited January 27 in Mystery & Conspiracy
Here's the website:

Here's their TV commercial:

"...Say, 'GOD is sufficient for me.' In Him the trusters shall trust." (Quran 39:38)


  • This has to be either a hoax or advertising for an upcoming movie/game.

    I mean, they have a "Join the Illuminati" link right on the front page.  (I'm joining, by the way).
    People in this world look at things mistakenly, and think that what they do not understand must be the void. This is not the true void. It is bewilderment.
    - Miyamoto Musashi, The Book of Five Rings
  • Lynsey_ADMIN_Lynsey_ADMIN_ Administrator
    A also go with a Hoax, you can't join these groups, you are chosen 
    "Before you embark on a Journey of Revenge, Dig Two Graves" Confucius (504 bc)
    “The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis.”
    "If angry, count to ten. This will give you time to find a weapon." - Will Spencer
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