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Mysterious dolphin deaths continue as three mutilated mammals' bodies wash up on British beach

The trio of dead dolphins were found on Gyllgvase beach, at FalmouthIt follows the discovery of ten more in as many days less than a fortnight ago Cornwall Wildlife Trust is urging people to report any beached marine animals 

The mysterious mini-epidemic of dolphin deaths has continued as they mutilated bodies of three more have been found washed up on a Cornish beach.

Coastguard rescue officer Steve Davey described the scene on Gyllgvase beach, at Falmouth, as 'distressing.

He said they were ‘sadly, all deceased’, as investigations start into how the dolphins ended up there.

Cornwall Wildlife Trust is urging people to report any beached marine animals they find as they try to discover the threats to the species. 

It comes less than a fortnight after ten dead dolphins  were found on shores around the West Country in as many days, prompting fears among conservationists over the exact cause. 

Pollution, trawler nets, inclement weather and jet skiers have all been cited as likely causes for the demise of these marine animals.

"Before you embark on a Journey of Revenge, Dig Two Graves" Confucius (504 bc)
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  • It's always distressing to hear of mass deaths.  whether it's human or animal.  But I find the mass death of dolphins especially saddening. 

    One of the hallmarks of sophistication and intellectual ability is language.  I read somewhere, years ago, that the language of dolphins is so complex as to make us look almost like bumbling idiots in comparison.  We can't communicate with them because we cannot understand the complexity of their language.  The article stated that trying to communicate with dolphins is the equivalent of a chimpanzee trying to have a discussion with Socrates or Aristotle.

    If this is so, then the loss of these magnificent creatures is truly a tragedy. 

    "How do you tell a communist?  Well, it's someone who reads Marx and Lenin.  And how do you tell an anti-communist?  It's someone who understands Marx and Lenin."

    *Ronald Reagan*

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