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Six Teens Found Dead in a Shed in Bavarian Town of Arnstein, With Cause Yet Uncertain

The bodies of six teenagers were discovered in the Bavarian town of Arnstein on Sunday. Public prosecutors said the bodies of both men and women were found. All the dead were between the ages of 18 and 19, with three of the victims from Arnstein and the other three from neighboring localities. 

According to police, a concerned father found the bodies after going to look for his missing son and daughter, who had held a small party in the shed the night before. Upon realizing they had not returned home, the father set out searching Sunday morning and discovered his children's bodies alongside four other teens.

Police initally suggested that initial signs pointed to a possible overdose on an unknown substance. However, they later stated carbon monoxide poisoning may have caused the youths' deaths after discovering a woodstove in the shed that had been used the previous evening. 

Still, any purported cause of death at this point was "pure speculation," a police spokesperson said. 



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