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Japanese Researchers Have Developed Goggle-Like Device That Can Help Diagnose Glaucoma

GrumpyGuy_MOD_GrumpyGuy_MOD_ Moderator
edited February 8 in Science & Learning

The Yomiuri Shimbun

A team of university researchers and others have developed a medical device shaped like goggles that can diagnose glaucoma (see below), the leading cause of blindness in Japan.

Glaucoma patients gradually lose their vision. The goggles, which can diagnose the eye condition through a simpler process, were developed by researchers from Kansai University and Osaka Medical College.

In April, the team will begin testing the new device in medical care institutions and elsewhere, with the aim of commercializing them in autumn 2018. The device could be used in companies’ health checks on employees, so it is expected to result in earlier detection.

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