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Yellowstone WARNING: Supervolcano could be on BRINK of erupting after 'increased activity'

THE YELLOWSTONE supervolcano could be on the brink of erupting - which would cause widespread destruction.

YouTuber Kat Martin has been uploading videos of the Yellowstone geysers for well over a year now, and says that the geysers are now erupting more frequently and stronger than anything she has witnessed in the past.

In the latest video that she uploaded, powerful plumes of steam can be seen coming from the geysers – a sign she says that the deadly volcano could be about to blow.

The description under the Yellowstone supervolcano video reads: “I caught this awesome footage of the left and back geysers erupting with very high plumes and with way more frequency.”

She adds that there have been “some small [earthquake] swarms and some high CO2 readings recently.”

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