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The cure for Ebola? New research says it's horse antibodies, apparently

The cure for Ebola? New research says it's horse antibodies, apparently

By Luke Dormehl February 9, 2017 2:02 PM
horse antibodies ebola  l
Konstantin Tronin/123RF
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Effective, fast, and affordable, an Ebola cure produced with horse antibodies could be the solution scientists have been searching for.

Scientists have developed a rapid, effective and affordable treatment for the deadly Ebola virus, and the secret ingredient is … horse antibodies?

“We have produced equine antibodies against Ebola virus and have shown that they are effective in preventing death of non-human primates if given 24 hours after a lethal dose of Ebola virus,” Alexander Khromykh, Professor of Molecular Virology at Australia’s University of Queensland, told Digital Trends. “The post-exposure treatment commenced at 24 hours after Ebola infection and was continued daily for five days. This was sufficient to greatly suppress Ebola virus replication in animals and allowed [them] to develop their own immune response, which subsequently cleared the virus

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