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50.000 People told to leave their homes as entire California neighborhoods sink under water

50,000 people were told to leave their homes in San Jose after Coyote Creek burst its banks on Tuesday14,000 residents are subject to a mandatory order while the rest have been given an advisory to leave  Fire fighters woke residents in the middle of the night by banging on their doors to tell them to leaveSome were rescued from their drowning homes in dinghies to be taken out of the danger zoneCoyote Creek runs through Silicon Valley from the San Francisco Bay and rose to 13.6ft on Tuesday The floods are the latest in a string of emergency situations triggered by severe winter weather in California 

Entire San Jose neighborhoods were submerged by water on Wednesday during the worst floods for 100 years.

50,000 people were told to flee their homes after evacuation warnings were issued in the early hours of the morning. Most were issued a flood warning but for 14,000 the order was mandatory.

The flooding began when Coyote Creek, which runs through Silicon Valley from the San Francisco Bay, burst its banks on Tuesday night. It sent dirty water pouring in to the towns below it at frightening pace.

On Wednesday, residents complained that the alert had not been sent out fast enough. Some said their first warning came when they saw neighbors being rescued from their drowning homes by firefighters in dinghies.

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  • Matt_ADMIN_Matt_ADMIN_ Administrator
    They're having a rough time out there
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