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"Hacked robots could attack humans, burgle people’s homes and KILL their pets, experts warn"

Matt_ADMIN_Matt_ADMIN_ Administrator

ROBOTS will soon be cleaning our homes, performing surgery and even building skyscrapers.

But a top security firm claims that robots – including those currently on the market – could attack humans, burgle homes and wreak havoc on a factory floor.

Pepper the humanoid robot, who is designed to help out customers at places like banks and airport is mentioned in the report – although it has proved to be a peaceful machine so far

There have already been serious accidents including a bride-to-be who was crushed to death by a robot just two weeks before she was due to marry the love of her life.

A robot cannon also killed nine soldiers and seriously injured 14 others during a US military exercise in 2007.

But researchers at IOActive – who famously revealed how to hack a jeep remotely while it was zooming along at high speed – are concerned over how easy it is to hack a robot and make it do nasty things to humans and even their pets.


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