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’Who's in control?' Scientists gather to discuss AI doomsday scenarios

Lynsey_ADMIN_Lynsey_ADMIN_ Administrator
Artificial intelligence has the capability to transform the world - but not necessarily for the better. A group of scientists gathered to discuss doomsday scenarios, addressing the possibility that AI could become a serious threat.

The event, 'Great Debate: The Future of Artificial Intelligence - Who's in Control?', took place at Arizona State University (ASU) over the weekend.

"Like any new technology, artificial intelligence holds great promise to help humans shape their future, and it also holds great danger in that it could eventually lead to the rise of machines over humanity, according to some futurists. So which course will it be for AI and what can be done now to help shape its trajectory?" ASU wrote in a press release. 

The Saturday gathering included a panel which consisted of Eric Horvitz, managing director of Microsoft's Redmond Lab, Skype co-founder Jaan Tallinn, and ASU physicist Lawrence Krauss. It was partly funded by Tallinn and Tesla's Elon Musk, according to Bloomberg. 

It included 'doomsday games' which organized around 40 scientists, cyber-security experts, and policy experts into groups of attackers and defenders, the news outlet reported.

Participants were asked to submit entries for possible worst-case scenarios caused by AI. They had to be realistic, based on current technologies or those which seem plausible, and could only consider things which might feasibly happen between five and 25 years in the future.

Scenarios ranged from stock market manipulation to global warfare. Others included technology being used to sway elections, or altering a self-driving car to see a "stop" sign as a "yield" sign.

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