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Jolly Roger Telephone: A Telephone "Robot" Service that Talks to Phone Scammers For You

GrumpyGuyGrumpyGuy Member
edited March 2017 in Breaktime

I found out about a site that offers a service where you can give them your number and then, when telemarketers/scammers call, you can connect the call to their service and let a response robot take over the call.  Not that I'm suggesting anyone pay money for this, but they have some amusing example calls on their "pick a robot" page.

Robot samples:

I love the first one - Original Jolly Roger.    "There's a bee on my arm!"


  • Matt_ADMIN_Matt_ADMIN_ Administrator

    "...Say, 'GOD is sufficient for me.' In Him the trusters shall trust." (Quran 39:38)
  • I just watched a video today, of some teens dealing with a computer scammer.  They were able to get into the scammers computer during the call and they deleted all of the operating files from it.  I just wish I knew how to do that.

    "How do you tell a communist?  Well, it's someone who reads Marx and Lenin.  And how do you tell an anti-communist?  It's someone who understands Marx and Lenin."

    *Ronald Reagan*

  • How to deal with scammers.  They ring with a too good to be true offer to reseal or retile your roof.
    "My husband's a roofer / tiler

    An offer to improve your website
    "No thanks I do my own"

    A phone deal
    "Sorry I've just signed a contract with someone else"

    Asking for the business owner
    "Sorry, I'm just the cleaner"

    or when the mood strikes a simple "Not interested" and hit the end button with phone away from your ear so you can't hear them. In fact after any comment close the conversation first so they can't keep you on the phone.

    "We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves."

  • In some strange way I actually miss getting telemarketing and scam calls.  I've only had one or two calls from people I didn't know in the 5.5 years I've had my current phone number in Japan.  One was a wrong number from a major domestic shipping company.  I can't remember the other one, or if I even had another one at all.

    I suppose it helps that nobody here really knows my number.  Aside from my school, the couple of friends I have, various government offices and my bank, I haven't given out my number.  I never buy anything more expensive than lunch (my wife does the shopping) and am unable to shop online since my immigrant status disqualifies me for credit.  I don't get asked to provide a phone # or email at cash registers because people assume I don't understand Japanese (which is mostly true). 

    My life is free from harassing calls, but it *is* a bit boring.
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