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Japan at Highest Possible Alert After 4 Simultaneous Ballistic Missile Launches from North Korea

Seoul: Japan moved to the highest possible alert level after North Korea fired four ballistic missiles simultaneously into nearby waters, the latest provocation from Kim Jong Un’s regime.

Three of the missiles fell into Japan’s exclusive economic zone, with one dropping about 350 kilometers west of the nation’s northern Akita prefecture, government spokesman Yoshihide Suga told reporters after a meeting of Japan’s National Security Council. Authorities were still analysing the type of missile launched, he said.

The launches “clearly show that this is a new level of threat” from North Korea, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe told lawmakers in Tokyo. American officials held phone calls afterward with counterparts in Japan and South Korea, which rely on the US for security.


  • A low-quality paint illustration of my perception of Japan's (and the world's) reactions to North Korea, and what might occur as a result:

  • Matt_ADMIN_Matt_ADMIN_ Administrator
    edited March 2017
    I wonder if a North Korean missile could ever penetrate the American / Japanese defense systems and actually reach their targets, and if the North Koreans have contemplated the repercussions of an attempt, let alone a success.
    "...Say, 'GOD is sufficient for me.' In Him the trusters shall trust." (Quran 39:38)
  • Those are good questions.  I'm frankly surprised a missile managed to make it so close to Akita prefecture (which is right next door to me).  I guess the defense systems don't extend to the perimeter of the exclusive economic zone, unless they do and the missile somehow got through.

    As for the Korean mentality, the question of repercussions has to have been asked by someone over there.  I suppose its possible that a group of people capable of running a country, overseeing nuclear projects and influencing millions of people with highly-successful propaganda campaigns could be ignorant enough to imagine themselves above reproach, but it seems unlikely.

    Do they not care?  Are they completely aware of what they are doing, and carrying out some expert plan?  Are they insane?  Questions it would be good to have answers to.
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