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Are Deep State Actors Trying To Frame Donald Trump With “Hate Crimes?” from Veterans Today

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Are Deep State Actors Trying To Frame Donald Trump With “Hate Crimes?”

By Rahul Manchanda on March 5, 2017 from Veterans Today

It's a bit strange (and very suspicious) that there has been a recent "spate" in hate crime incidents against visible minorities under the Trump Administration...

It is interesting to say the least, that there has been a recent “spate” of alleged “hate crimes” across America against visible minorities.

This makes no sense considering that Donald Trump has been very clear that he is an all-inclusive president, and categorically rejects racism and discrimination in all of its forms.

President Trump has reiterated repeatedly that he is “America-First,” and has appointed more of the supposed “targeted minorities” into his administration than any other President in American history, especially with regards to Indian-Americans, and so therefore this is all clearly a contrived operation by the “Hidden Hand” to further discredit Trump and de-legitimize and undermine his presidency.

Now that the use of the Mainstream Media to target and undermine Trump has miserably failed, and the attempted coup d’etat by claiming a “Russian Connection” with most of Trump’s high-level cabinet appointees is being exposed as more manufactured garbage, the Deep State is now getting more and more desperate.

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