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Plans for EU nuclear weapons arsenal under the control of Brussels were branded "insanity"

Lynsey_ADMIN_Lynsey_ADMIN_ Administrator

PLANS for an EU nuclear weapons arsenal under the control of Brussels were branded "insanity" by a senior Tory MP today.

Under the idea being discussed by European politicians, the missiles would be located around the continent and overseen by a command centre appointed by Eurocrats.

The move, backed by political figures in Germany and Poland, has been put forward to address concerns that US President Donald Trump wants to cut his country's financial contribution to protecting Europe from any potential Russian threat.

Some supporters even want the UK's Trident missile system included in the force, although they admit Brexit makes British involvement in the initiative highly unlikely.

But Tory backbencher Dr Julian Lewis, chairman of the Commons Defence Committee, condemned the plan as a federalist plot to undermine the Nato alliance.

Dr Lewis said: "This is an idea that first came to attention 20 years ago - I thought it was insanity then and I think it is insanity now.

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