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BANZAI! Japanese PM and wife linked to right-wing extremist education corporation Moritomo Gakuen

Matt_ADMIN_Matt_ADMIN_ Administrator

A year ago, we already noted a strange attribute that accompanies the Japanese Prime Minister’s political career. There’s little doubt that Shinzo Abe is among the most successful Japanese politicians of recent decades and, undoubtedly, he’s the most charismatic among the Japanese political elites, yet he’s been fatally unlucky with female colleagues who often place him in all sorts of peculiar positions. This was the matter in his first term in office, and it remains so still. Yet, this time around a new scandal that is flaring up in Japan wasn’t provoked by a colleague, instead it was triggered by the woman closest to the sitting Prime Minister – his wife, Akie Abe.

The scandal erupted last month, when Japanese media sources started noticing that a strip of land in Osaka was sold to a private buyer for a price six to seven times lower that one would normally expect, with the buyer later established as Moritomo Gakuen, a company that provides private primary education.

This information first appeared on February 10, when Japan’s Prime Minister was on an official trip to the US, along with his wife. Therefore, the largest Japanese media sources apparently decided they would not cast a shadow upon the Japanese head of state during such an important event.

But as soon as Abe’s plane took off in the US to head back to Japan, all leading Japanese newspapers began publicly discussing the Osaka deal. Is should be noted that this local case of corruption landed on the first pages of national media sources due to a number of factors. First, Akie Abe was expected to become the “honorary director” of the primary school that was to be built on this strip of land in question. A number of questions arose in the media after this fact was revealed such as: was she aware of the questionable deal? And if she was, was the Prime Minister told any details about this matter?

The second no less significant circumstance is an entirely political matter. In general, Moritomo Gakuen is considered to represent the extreme right wing of the political spectrum of Japan, since its initial education program is based on the pre-WWII educational system of Japan.

It should be recalled that after the end of World War II a new “anti-militaristic and anti-nationalist” education law was adopted, as a private entity, Moritomo Gakuen is ignoring it. For instance, Japan’s media sources have been reporting that the private school was sending out booklets to the parents of its kindergartens that contained insulting nicknames for Chinese and Koreans.

"...Say, 'GOD is sufficient for me.' In Him the trusters shall trust." (Quran 39:38)


  • GrumpyGuyGrumpyGuy Member
    edited March 2017
    There's someone I used to work with in Tokyo who is an active member of the "Komeito" party, which is a political party operated by the "Soka Gakkai" sect of Buddhism (some 12 million Japanese are involved with them).

    She occasionally gets in touch to ask about Japan from a foreigner's perspective, apparently for some purpose she has within the party. 

    Anyway, I had a discussion with her last year about Prime Minister Abe and his membership in "Nippon Kaigi" (which means "Japan Conference").  Nippon Kaigi is a nationalist organisation that follows the ideologies of "State Shinto," which emphasizes old Shinto religious traditions and fables such as the Emperor and his family being divine beings.

    They want to restore Japan to "glory" by teaching people to become nationalists who worship the Emperor, the flag, the national anthem and the history of Japan.  They want to replace the current education system with one that restores traditional gender roles, praises Imperial Japan for supposedly liberating Asian nations from Western powers and teaches that everything Japan did in China and Korea was either good or made up by the Chinese and Koreans to slander Japan.

    Nippon Kaigi has around 38,000 members across Japan.  The top members are from among the political and capitalist elite of Japan with a number of prominent Shinto priests and Imperial Household members holding special advisory positions.  Of the 38,000 members, the most noteworthy are:

    - Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, his wife and his brother who is in the Diet

    - Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Taro Aso (was also PM in 2008-2009)

    - 15 of the 18 Ministers that make up the Japanese Cabinet

    - 289 of the 480 members that make up the Japanese National Diet (the legislature)

    - Numerous lawmakers and apparently several more previous Prime Ministers

    - Past Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Toru Miyoshi (he's the current Chairman of Nippon Kaigi)

    - 61 of 97 members of the "Extended Abe Administration" also belong to a group called:  "The Shinto Association of Spiritual Leadership" which advocates State Shinto, as well as assumed membership in Nippon Kaigi itself.

    That's a stacked deck that rivals the one Donald Trump is building in the United States.

    They don't have any real hold over the public because almost everyone under 85 grew up believing the Emperor was just some guy and not a god, and believing in the ideals of pacifism.  I think this party knows they won't win over any adults outside the fringe far-right, so they are perhaps now seeking to create new membership by indoctrinating children in their special schools.

    I pointed all this out to the woman I knew in Tokyo, knowing that her party wishes to remove Abe's from power.  I asked her if she was concerned by this information, yet she seemed to either blow it off as an exaggerated problem or misunderstood what I was getting at.  I brought it up again later and she just said that the Japanese people wouldn't allow any of that crazy stuff to happen, because Japanese people are good and just.


    If Abe's group remains in power, which I imagine they'll try very hard to ensure occurs, I can see Japan continuing to take steps backwards towards the old days.  This may please Trump, especially if Japan foots more of the bill for "defending" the Asia-Pacific region.  China and Korea will adopt frowny faces  :angry: 

    At best these guys will get voted out in the next major election, but that will still surely leave dozens if not more members still in the Diet and elsewhere in government, which, combined with Japan's abominably slow bureaucracy, means the new party won't make much progress on their campaign promises.

    Japan.  South Korea.  China.  North Korea.  The Philippines.  They all seem to be wracked with problems.  Which is "the best" nation?  Perhaps a better question is to ask which is the least terrible?

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