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Air Force Leader Warns Personnel Not to Use Words 'Boy' and 'Girl'

Air Force Leader Warns Personnel Not to Use Words 'Boy' and 'Girl'

The_Real_Flys picture
Mar 10, 2017 7:32 AM Zero Hedge

Fox News leaked an email sent out to airmen who, apparently, were pissed off after being given a list of words to avoid using both on and off Lackland Air Force Base.

Unbelievably, the words boy and girl were on it, citing a '100 percent zero tolerance' policy by the Air Force leader who issued the email.

1. Boy

2. Girl

3. You People

4. Colonial

5. Blacklist

6. Blackmail

7. Blackball

8. Sounds Greek to me

9. Blondes have more fun

10. Too many chiefs, not enough Indians

“Please be cognizant that such conduct is 100 percent zero tolerance in or outside of the work climate,” the email read. “Let’s capitalize on our richly diverse climate, and help others seek assistance if they are struggling with compliance.”

Fox reached out to Lackland and they denied being retarded leftards.

“The Air Force has no list of prohibited terms,” a public affairs spokesperson told me. “It was sent out by an individual simply reminding Airmen to be respectful to others.”

It looks like the Air Force got caught red handed being social justice warriors and are trying to publicly save face. Utterly ridiculous.
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