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"We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves."


  • GrumpyGuyGrumpyGuy Member
    edited March 2017
    I certainly hope they haven't found Hell down there!  Some of those boreholes that have been made really make me want to force-choke some evil rulers into the abyss, Darth Vader-style.  Or perhaps, since murder is bad, sending down some camera drones with spotlights on them.

    As for the video-maker's question of how anyone knows what the Earth's structure is like, they arrive at that conclusion using the information that can be found on this rather long "intro to earthquakes" educational document:

    I suppose that stuff could all be made up for some reason, although it escapes me what the benefit of fabricating all that math would be for the fabricators, and what the intended effect would be on the rest of us. 

    I suppose it could also be factual and that such information represents the best understanding that is currently had of that subject.  An understanding that requires at least some specific schooling to make sense of.

    There are a lot of good questions being asked out there, which is important.  What I think is also important is for the askers to try to understand existing explanations rather than dismissing them because they are complex, difficult or time-consuming to study.  Or because they automatically dismiss everything "scientists" say because they believe all science to be the result of fiction writers creating a narrative to distract us from... something.

    I'm not saying that every video-maker and blogger out there is dismissive in such a way, but I will say that it's a trend I have observed often.

    I'll personally give the benefit of the doubt to seismologists over guys making Youtube videos as a hobby, in this case.  It's true that until we can actually view with our eyes the entire cross-section of the Earth that we don't know 100% that the seismology model is reality.  Of course, just because we don't know for certain that it's correct does not suggest that it is 100% false, either. 

    What I do know is that independent thinkers have put hundreds and even thousands of collective hours of thought and discussion into considering alternatives.  That's very good, and their suggestions should be thought and talked about.  I also know that physicists, seismologists and other scientists have put entire centuries of collective thought into the models that they now promote.  I also know that they are constantly doubting, testing and revising their models.

    Neither group should be dismissed outright, but I think scientists deserve more trust than some people on the Internet give them.  Sure, there are plenty of paid shills promoting propaganda out there, but are all of the scientists in the world shills or conspirators?   


    Anyhow, in conclusion I think questions must never stop being asked so long as impartial searching for answers follows.  That is the ticket to growth, individually and as a society.

    P.S.  This comment is not meant as an address to anyone on this site, but perhaps instead as an address to a bunch of bloggers and Youtube makers who will likely never read this post.  Failing that, then it's just a way for me to type a bunch of paragraphs about the stuff in my mind, which I enjoy doing (and hope you all enjoy me doing as well)!
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