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Widespread AT&T Outages Reported Across The U.S.

Widespread AT&T Outages Reported Across The U.S.

Mar 11, 2017 11:14 AM from Zero Hedge

Two weeks after a massive Amazon cloud outage crippled numerous websites on the East Coast, this morning users of AT&T across the nation are reporting widespread outages in their cellphone service. This appears to be confirmed by the current data on reported problems with the cellphone carrier.

Twitter users from around the country have confirmed the interruption in service.

.@zerohedge ATT Service Down in Baltimore Cannot Make a Call!

— StockBoardAsset (@StockBoardAsset) March 11, 2017

AT&T is having issues since 10:09 AM EST
RT if you're also affected #attoutage

— Outage Report (@ReportOutage) March 11, 2017

No ATT cellular service what's going on!?

— Mark Wilmes (@mcwilmes) March 11, 2017

Can't make phone calls. Have @ATT service. Anyone else having the same issue? #attoutage

— Nikki Chasteen (@NikkiChasteen) March 11, 2017

@ATT I have full service LTE but all of my calls automatically are dropped.

— Haley Dolive? (@haleydolive) March 11, 2017

@ATT our service isn't working.

— Lon Lane (@lon_lane) March 11, 2017

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