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Frozen Spice: Synthetic drug 'turning addicts into Walking Dead'

Lynsey_ADMIN_Lynsey_ADMIN_ Administrator
Sky News meets people hooked on a synthetic drug that is seen as more addictive than heroin and leaves users "almost catatonic".

It's called "frozen spice", and it's becoming a problem of almost epidemic proportions among Manchester's homeless.

Spice is a chemically made synthetic marijuana, and like many of the drugs categorised as New Psychoactive Substances, or NPS, it used to be sold as a so-called legal high.

Since May 2016 drugs such as spice have been illegal, but that doesn't mean that, in Manchester at least, it can't be easily obtained.

Shaun and Jason first started smoking spice when they were in prison. Their addiction means that most of the money they make begging in the city centre is given to dealers to buy bags of the drug at £10 a time.

"The first time I had it in prison it had me up against my cell wall for 24 hours," Shaun tells us.

"I said I'd never do it again after that, but I've been smoking it ever since.

"I'm going to give it up," he promises himself. "But the side effects and withdrawal can be worse than heroin."

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