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Dangerous storm damages roofs across Darling Downs, cuts power to Moreton Bay suburbs

Dangerous storm damages roofs across Darling Downs, cuts power to Moreton Bay suburbs

Updated 16 minutes ago FROM

A powerful thunderstorm has hit Brisbane's northern fringe, cutting power to thousands of people after earlier damaging roofs and downing trees in towns across the Darling Downs.

The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) said emergency services reported that the storm had torn the roof off a house at Goombungee, west of Esk.

Goombungee business owner Mark Light said about 50 millimetres of rain fell over the town in less than 20 minutes.

"We've got a lot of damage through our workshop and we have no power either at the moment ... just the amount of water, the drains just couldn't take the water away so we've got a fair bit of cleaning up today," he said.

Esk resident Helen told ABC Radio Brisbane the storm caused substantial damage.

"We've had hail, trees down, trees snapped off at the top of the root," she said.

"Esk Hampton Road is blocked to Esk and I believe that Somerset Regional Council are getting workers out there now to clear that road."

The BOM said the heaviest falls were in Dayboro, which recorded 61 millimetres of rain in an hour.

As the storm moved further east, by 11:30am power was cut to more than 14,000 properties in the Moreton Bay council area.

As it hit the coast, the BOM downgraded the storm from dangerous to severe, with the storm warning finally cancelled about 12:15pm.


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