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Millions at risk as trillion tons of shifting molten rock under Chile triggers 700 quakes

EXPERTS fear millions of lives are at risk after a MASSIVE shift of molten magma deep under South America triggered a staggering 700 EARTHQUAKES and a volcano eruption.

Seismologists and South American authorities fear the unprecedented movement of trillions of tons of molten rock - largely below Chile – has raised subterranean pressures to catastrophic levels and will eventually trigger a monster quake potentially claiming millions of lives.

Already the Chillan volcano located in central Chile has erupted – or more accurately exhibited a seismic event known as an “eruptive pulse” -  which led to the 761 minor earthquakes.

An eruptive pulse is essentially a small eruption which releases lava and smoke from the volcano without a huge explosion.

However, authorities believe that it could be a terrifying indicator of things to come.

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