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WHAT ARE THEY HIDING? Obama, Bush and the Clintons ALL DODGE the UFO question

US talk show host Jimmy Kimmel is on a one-man-mission to get the "truth" about aliens and UFOs out there.

And after asking Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and George W Bush for information, some say the lack of response is very telling.

The former Presidents and Secretary of State have been grilled on Jimmy Kimmel Live over the past two years – being asked whether they had access to alleged top-secret files on the existence of aliens, and if so what they saw.

Each time, he put it to them straight, asking what they had seen and what they would divulge.

And, each time, he was met with a similar response.

The four top-drawer politicians laughed awkwardly, side-stepped the question, but refused to say outright there are no secret files or that there is no evidence of any alien visitations of Earth.


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