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‘They're not British!’ John Major attacks ‘Ultra-Brexiteers’ and urges May to DISOWN them

SIR John Major has launched a scathing attack on “Ultra-Brexiteers” for “shouting down” Remainers and claims that “no one should be silenced”.

The former Prime Minister discredited the Brexiteers as “un-British” and “undemocratic” because of their tendencies to launch “low-grade personal abuses” against those with opposing views, including the Bank of England Governor.

Writing in the Mail on Sunday, Sir John urged the Prime Minister and other “more reasoned” Tories to “disown their rancorous colleagues” for failing to address arguments that are put to them.

"Before you embark on a Journey of Revenge, Dig Two Graves" Confucius (504 bc)
“The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis.”
"If angry, count to ten. This will give you time to find a weapon." - Will Spencer
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