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The World's First Election of a Trans-Gendered Man Has Taken Place in Japan

GrumpyGuyGrumpyGuy Member
edited March 2017 in Society

Japan has become the first country in the world to elect a transgender man to a public office. 

Tomoya Hosoda, 25, won 21 out of 22 seats to become a councillor for the city of Iruma, in the central region of Kanto. 

Mr Hosoda said he does not just want to fight for LGBTQ rights but also for the rights of the disabled and the elderly, by constructing a system that embraces diversity and helps minorities, Japanese media reports

“Until recently, people have acted as if sexual minorities do not exist. We have many hurdles to overcome, but I hope to live up to everyone’s expectations”, he told Stonewall, an organisation which supports LGBTQ people in Japan.


  • GrumpyGuyGrumpyGuy Member
    edited March 2017
    In my opinion the only reason a trans person got elected in Japan because it was a woman living as a man.  They look like a normal, every-day bespectacled nerd like you'd find working for any given company across Japan.  I can see old people taking less of an issue with that.

    If a man living as a woman tried, though?  Some of the more flamboyant ones might be successful as entertainers, but I think there's no chance one would get elected because no one would take them seriously.

    A few of the popular "trans-woman" entertainers in Japan (they are on TV often):

    "Matsuko Deluxe"  - Has a popular talk variety show on TV and in a zillion commercials.  He's pretty funny to be honest.

    "Mitz Mangrove"  - Also on TV, and has an exceedingly ridiculous name.

    "Akihiro Miwa" - Singer/Actor/Writer drag queen who has been around a long time.

    I can't see any of those individuals getting elected to office in Japan.  *Perhaps* "Mitz Mangrove" if it wasn't for that name.

    Hmm.  "Prime Minister Mangrove."  Might not be much worse than Abe.
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