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The China-Australia partnership should be tended carefully by both sides

The China-Australia partnership should be tended carefully by both sides

By Wang Zhenyu | | Updated: 2017-03-20 14:49 
from China Daily

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi made a successful visit to Australia a month ago. But if Wng Yi's trip concluded with a broad consensus to support globalization, tap the potential of the two countries' economic complementarity, and enhance trust and win-win cooperation, and created a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for the imminent visit of Chinese Premier Li Keqiang, Australian Minister of Foreign Affairs Julie Bishop's "unusually pointed message to China" in her recent speech in Singapore seemed to purposely seek to create a counter-effect.

In her speech entitled "Change and uncertainty in the Indo-Pacific: Strategic challenges and opportunities", Bishop called on the United States to stay in the Indo-Pacific and assume leadership for peace and prosperity, labeling China a "non-democracy".

The Australian foreign minister has delivered the wrong message in the wrong place at the wrong time.

You have just said goodbye to your guest from a neighboring country and are about to welcome an important guest from the country that you have invited to visit, but before greeting your new guest you go and say things bad about the country the guest comes from. That is not the hospitality that East Asia countries are used to. That is not diplomacy.

Bishop's labeling of China as a "non-democracy" is neither appropriate nor acceptable. Her standards are problematic. If she knows the history of China, she would know that China has been pursuing democracy at least since the May Fourth Movement. The People's Republic of China was established through the democratic process, and that democratic process has never stopped and is still being continued through reforms.

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