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UPDATED: Vast “underground military complex and government testing facility” discovered under Hemet

UPDATED: Vast “underground military complex and government testing facility” discovered under Hemet, officials confirm

Riverside County News Source/ Shasta County News Source
April 1, 2016 Trevor Montgomery

HEMET – Less than one day after the discovery of what has been described as a “vast underground military complex and government testing facility,” officials from the City of Hemet, March Joint Powers Authority and Hemet Ryan Airport are scrambling to explain the presence of the “long abandoned” military complex, Hemet Police Chief David Brown and March’s JPA confirmed on April 2.

The shocking revelation came just hours after workers uncovered the forgotten facility that reportedly contains countless miles of tunnels and stretch from March Air Reserve Base all the way to Hemet Ryan Airport and an Army Air Corps facility once known as Alessandro Airfield.

The tunnel networks were discovered by employees and contractors preparing for this year’s biennial air show, AirFest 2016: Thunder Over the Empire, scheduled for April 16.

Few details have been released while speculation and rumors continue to grow, since video was leaked on the Internet that reportedly shows a small portion of the tunnel network and a WWII era, underground railway system.

“We believe that the tunnels were last used sometime after the conclusion of WWII and before the Cold War,” Brown explained after the discovery.

FrenchtruckThe video, which has since been removed from YouTube, (See attached screenshots,) showed a vast, crumbling network of underground tunnels, supply warehouses, WWII era planes and vehicles, and a munitions depot, as well as a “research center and testing facility.”

The nature of the research center and testing facility has not yet been determined, according to Brown.

The video and revelation have left many incredulous about the discovery and wondering how such a massive network of underground tunnels and facilities could have been forgotten and lost to time.

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