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SHOCK NASA STATEMENT: 'A CATACLYSMIC event has occurred in space but we have NO IDEA what'

NASA has reported a cataclysmic event is taking place in space, but experts are still investigating what exactly has happened.

Mystery X-ray flashes beamed towards Earth before vanishing just 24 hours later, leaving scientists to investigate the source.

The phenomenon, which stemmed from a galaxy 10.7 billion lightyears away, was captured by NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory.

Initial findings suggest it came from a "completely new type of cataclysmic event".

A NASA spokesman said: "A mysterious flash of X-rays has been discovered by NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory in the deepest X-ray image ever obtained. 

"This source likely comes from some sort of destructive event in space, but may be of a variety that scientists have never seen before."

Report co-author Kevin Schawinski, of ETH Zurich in Switzerland, said: "We may have observed a completely new type of cataclysmic event.

“Whatever it is, a lot more observations are needed to work out what we’re seeing.”

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