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Increasing Number of Americans Being Denied Entry to Canada

GrumpyGuy_MOD_GrumpyGuy_MOD_ Moderator
edited April 1 in News Updates

As Canadians avoid the U.S. over fears of being rejected at the border, new figures suggest it’s Americans who might be more likely to get denied entry by Canada.

Numbers obtained by La Presse show that the rate of Americans being turned back by Canadian border guards at land crossings has skyrocketed by 31 percent over the last year. This flies in the face of the narrative that Canadians are having a harder time crossing into the U.S. because of new immigration policies being pursued by President Donald Trump.

The figures show that 30,233 Americans were rejected while trying to enter Canada in 2016, compared to 23,052 who were turned away by the Canada Border Services Agency the year before. In 2014, the number was less than half at only 7,509.

Like their American counterparts, Canadian border guards have discretion over who they let in and out, and are not required to publicly disclose their reasons. The CBSA wouldn’t explain why more Americans are being turned away, but told La Presse the total number of people crossing into the border fluctuates every years.

Although many Canadians have spoken out about intense interrogations by American border guards, including personal questions about their religious and political views, other data obtained this week by the Canadian Press show that fewer Canadians are being rejected by American guards in recent months.


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  • Matt_ADMIN_Matt_ADMIN_ Administrator
    It's sort of like a prison system, with the border agents acting as the prison guards; it just so happens that some prisons in this world are "better" than others 
    "...Say, 'GOD is sufficient for me.' In Him the trusters shall trust." (Quran 39:38)
  • tazweisstazweiss Member, Permitted to post new threads
    Maybe the CBSA is just nervous that people like Chelsea Handler and her ilk might try to make good on their threat to move to Canada.  They may try to sneak across in disguise.

    If the politicians treat people this poorly when they're armed to the teeth,

    just imagine what they'll be willing to do once they've disarmed everyone.

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