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Lithuanian town raided by rebels in surprise ‘Russian invasion’ drill

A group of gunmen invaded a border town in Lithuania and seized its police HQ, while officers failed to mount a proper response and residents did not bother to report the ongoing raid. Luckily, the militants were from a fictitious nation and part of a surprise drill.

The chaotic and somewhat embarrassing exercise was conducted on Tuesday in the Salcininkai region in south-eastern Lithuania. Ordered by Interior Minister Eimutis Misiunas, only senior leaders of the regional emergency services and border guard unit were informed beforehand.

The drill involved some 30 men from the nation of ‘Udijos’ crossing the border, taking over the guard outpost, and advancing through the woods to the Salcininkai town to storm its police commissariat.

“We wanted to test in real conditions how the Lithuanian emergency service would respond to such an emergency,” Misiunas told the media as cited by the Delfi news. “It was an imitation of an invasion by ‘little green men’ in Lithuania.”

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