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"Working six hour days increases worker health and productivity"

Matt_ADMIN_Matt_ADMIN_ Administrator

The idea of a few extra hours in bed before heading to the office may sound too good to be true, but experts suggest that it could soon be a reality. 

A new study indicates that employers should reduce the working day from eight hours to just six hours. 

Experts say that doing so would mean that workers are healthier and take fewer sick days which could save companies money in the long-term. 

The research comes after a Swedish pilot scheme which saw shifts reduced from eight hours to six. 

The two-year pilot scheme at Svartedalen old people's home in Gothenburg showed that staff at the 68-nurse facility felt healthier for the shorter days.

But city bosses were forced to hire 17 more workers at the cost of 12 million kronor (£1 million) and the experiment was deemed 'too expensive'.

Now researchers have found that there were savings that the initial experiment did not take into account.

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