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Universities Offering Classes to "Educate" People About the Institutional Racism of White People

GrumpyGuyGrumpyGuy Member
edited April 2017 in Daily News

Anti-white indoctrination is taking a front seat in today’s universities and nowhere is it more transparent than the anti-whiteness courses popping up at colleges across the country where students are learning that white men created racism to maintain power.

According to the University of Calgary’s description of “whiteness,” it doesn’t only refer to skin color, but “an ideology based on beliefs, values, behaviors, habits, and attitudes, which result in the unequal distribution of power and privilege based on skin color.”

The University of Wisconsin-Madison is offering a class in its Fall 2017 curriculum, titled, “The Problem of Whiteness,” which will teach white students what it means to be white and understand how “whiteness” is socially constructed and experienced in order to “dismantle white supremacy.”

The course outline maintains white people must take responsibility for and destroy white supremacy. Students will learn how they consciously and unconsciously perpetuate “institutional racism” and how this effects “communities of color” and “oppresses white folks.” “Institutional racism” is merely a paradigm of the social justice warrior that racism is inherent in all whites in America and is brought on by white privilege and white supremacy.

As an added bonus, these students will also learn what it’s like to be “#woke” and ponder the journal Race Traitor’s maxim that “treason to whiteness is loyalty to humanity.” This is also the publication that calls Jews “Nazis” and “Zionists” and claims the term “white anti-racist” is an oxymoron.


  • Matt_ADMIN_Matt_ADMIN_ Administrator
    students are learning that white men created racism to maintain power

    If we think about this carefully - very, very carefully - is the most important part of this, the part onto which everyone has poured their attention, in the yellow, or is it actually in the orange?
    "...Say, 'GOD is sufficient for me.' In Him the trusters shall trust." (Quran 39:38)
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