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Small Animals May Live in "Slow Motion" Compared to Larger

One “dog year” supposedly equals seven human years. But does one year feel like seven years to a dog? Evidence suggests that distinct species do indeed experience passing time on different scales. A recent study in Animal Behavior reveals that body mass and metabolic rate determine how animals of different species perceive time.

Time perception depends on how rapidly an animal's nervous system processes sensory information. To test this ability, researchers show animals a rapidly flashing light. If the light flashes quickly enough, animals (and humans) perceive it as a solid, unblinking light. The animal's behavior or its brain activity, as measured by electrodes, reveals the highest frequency at which each species perceives the light as flashing. Animals that can detect the blinking at higher frequencies are perceiving time at a finer resolution. In other words, movements and events will appear to unfold more slowly to them—think slow-motion bullet dodging in an action movie.


  • Rosie_MOD_Rosie_MOD_ Moderator
    Some dogs of 7 years act their age but others still play like puppies.  This could have a connection with the predicted life span of particular breeds.  My dog being a farm dog age 7 wants to play ALL the time. If I'm bending down gardening he tosses the ball so it bounces off my back (a sure attention grabber)  or tosses it in the wheelbarrow so I have to pick it out of the weeds and throw it.  Other dogs aged 7 are more sedate by nature of the breed.  Dogs seem to be able to sense or know people by the cars that drive past or even a particular cyclist from 300m distance. (Proven)  Are they recognising the sound or shape of a car?  Are they recognising the shape and height or facial features of a cyclist?

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  • Matt_ADMIN_Matt_ADMIN_ Administrator
    They're pretty smart, so perhaps a combination of all the above
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  • GrumpyGuyGrumpyGuy Member
    edited June 2017
    My wife's family dog, at 7, limits his activities to sleeping, eating and barking at cats outside the window.  He was like that years ago, as far as I've been told.  If you threw a ball he wouldn't even bother to watch where it went.
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