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Huge ice block size of a boulder falls from sky and nearly hits London street cleaner

CCTV captured the moment a block of ice crashed to the ground on a street under a busy flight path into Heathrow.

The moment a large block of ice fell from the sky and landed just metres from a street cleaner in London has been caught on camera.

CCTV showed the man's narrow escape after the ice crashed to the ground at speed and smashed into pieces in North Road, Kew.

The incident on Wednesday morning is believed to have been caused by a plane flying overheard. It happened close to Kew Gardens station under a busy flight path into Heathrow.

Taxi firm boss Mos Sayed, whose security camera recorded the moment the ice hit the ground, told Sky News: "When I watched the footage back I was shocked to see it was the size of a boulder.

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