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‘EU is REJECTING democracy' Brussels savaged for ignoring citizens with latest vote bid

BRUSSELS is not even trying to become transparent and accountable to voters and the European Parliament should b.e abolished, according to a leading critic.

Expert Leonid Bershidsky blasted the European Union for having a “democratic legitimacy problem” and accused the bloc of rejecting even small changes in a savage attack. 

The Russian Berlin-based journalist said most ordinary voters do not understand what the European Parliament is about, which is why the election turnout is just 43 percent.

He claimed the EU governing bodies are not accountable or responsive to ordinary European voters. 

The columnist described the European Parliament’s powers as “paltry” especially given its mega £1.5 billion annual budget. 

Writing for Bloomberg View, he said: “If the EU were serious about making its decision process more transparent and democratic, it might want to recall an old proposal from former UK Foreign Minister Jack Straw that the European Parliament be abolished altogether.

“National parliaments could delegate members a couple of times a year to vote on European legislation, or the process could simply be left to the Councils of Ministers.”

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