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How to Get "View Image" Back on Google Image Search

Google has removed the "View Image" button from image search after being faced with a lawsuit by Gettyimages, who Google has now teamed up with (lawsuit dropped).  View Image allowed users to see a full-sized version of the image without having to go directly to the site.  Very useful for finding desktop wallpapers, images for presentations/articles etc. 

That is no longer allowed, as it has apparently always been the crime of "image piracy," and Google has finally been browbeaten into making a change.  The button won't likely come back.

This annoyed me, since I made use of that button weekly to make fun presentations for my classes, so I looked up a workaround.  Someone has already made extensions for Firefox and Chrome, so in the interest of advancing sharing over greedy laws I will now provide links to the extension.

Firefox users:

Chrome users:

Note that there are some good alternatives to using the Google browser.  The best is arguably

Don't let the silly name and logo (and memories of the browser from the 90s) turn you away.  It's pretty much as functional a search engine as Google but without as much of the dishonest fiddly crap website owners do to compete for your searches.  They also don't track and record your data, like Google does (or so they say, but they seem trustworthy).


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    Nicely done, sir.
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