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"Their Objective Is To Create Fear..."

"Their Objective Is To Create Fear..."

Mon, 02/19/2018 - 21:30 Zero Hedge

Authored by Jeff Thomas via,

The Social Justice trend has appeared in recent years, and has rapidly gained momentum.

It appeared first on college campuses, where students accused a professor or, indeed, another student, of making a statement or using a word that was deemed socially unacceptable. The premise by the accuser was that a campus must be a safe space, where people should not be exposed to comments that may possibly make anyone feel demeaned or uncomfortable.

The accusers have earned the name “snowflakes,” as they tend to melt down at the slightest provocation. However, the Social Justice trend has given snowflakes considerable power, a power that’s often used recklessly.

Importantly, whether the offensive comment is correct or incorrect is not an issue. The “offense” is that the speaker has stated something that should not ever be mentioned, as it might upset the listener in some way. The “justice” that takes place is that one or more people file a formal complaint with a person or body that holds power over the speaker and demand that he be punished for his “wrongdoing.”

This has led to teachers and professors being warned, suspended, or fired from their positions, based merely on the existence of a complaint. In addition, “offending” students have been warned, suspended, or expelled, again, without what might be regarded as due process.

A related form of Social Justice is the vigilantism seeking to destroy those who are prominent. Former Miss Americas demanded that the entire board of the Miss America Pageant be dismissed for making disparaging remarks about pageant contestants. Several have been forced to resign in disgrace.

And, of course, we’re seeing the rise of complaints against actors, politicians, and other prominent individuals regarding alleged sexual denigration of women, even if it’s merely verbal. In each case, witnesses are “bravely coming forward,” en masse, although they often were silent for decades (if, indeed, the individual incidents ever occurred at all).

Whether a given individual has actually committed a crime or not seems immaterial in the new Social Justice trend. The focus is on vehement condemnation of an individual, usually by a host of others. Importantly, regardless of what process is used to prosecute (or persecute) those accused, a general assumption of the Social Justice trend is that, once someone is accused, he’s guilty and punishment must take place.

But, in fact, this trend is not new. Rabid groups of accusers appear throughout history, generally during times of existing social tension.

The Salem Witch Trials: 1692-1693

In 1692, several young girls claimed to be possessed by witches and group hysteria ensued. Some 150 men, women and children were ultimately accused and nineteen were hanged. Governor William Phips ordered that an end be put to the show trials in 1693. In the process, his wife was accused of being a witch.

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"We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves."


  • GrumpyGuyGrumpyGuy Member
    edited February 21
    This is the unsurprising result of the following combination:

    1.  Children who are not weaned from their parents' figurative teats, and who are raised to believe they can do no wrong

    2.  Parents who ignorantly believe the contradiction that their children are both capable of doing no wrong (as extensions of their near-perfect selves) and incapable of doing anything right without their direct instruction or interference.  These parents also readily believe that the children of other parents (and the parents themselves) are not only capable of doing wrong, but do so with impressive frequency

    3.  Fear of the omnipresent and easily-attained attorneys, and the subsequent lawsuits and bad publicity they produce

    4.  Very many educational institutions being operated as for-profit organizations as much as or more than as places of learning and intellectual growth

    5.  An economic and social situation wherein all young people are heavily pressured to attend said for-profit institutions, often at ludicrous expense, lest they invite endless and untold ruin and misery into their futures

    Now, a number of the students at universities are highly-emotional children who have not learned how to cope with dissenting opinions of any variety, backed up by their lawyer-wielding narcissistic parents. 

    Whenever a professor or teaching assistant or other student ventures an opinion that troubles them, they complain to their parents who urge them to seek retribution.  Retribution that is easily attained by complaining to the people running the schools, who are primarily concerned with increasing the luxury of their impending retirements and not altogether interested in the minds of the youth (who they regard as inferior to their own generation in just about every conceivable way, in spite of plenty of compelling arguments as to why the opposite is true).  And, bam - teachers fired, or students sanctioned et cetera.

    Also as a result of this, and just as unfortunate, is the fact that the majority of students who are more or less just normal youth are being pushed by the power-mad "snowflake" children and their parents, while older people who haven't studied or thought about the situation very much content themselves with asserting that all young people are snowflakes and a part of the problem.

    Humans are by our very nature solipsistic, and now in Western culture we are at the point where a good number of people are comfortable and wealthy enough to sit around devising and carrying out plans to make the world all about them.  It seems inevitable that we've arrived at the situation we now face and complain about.

    Very unfortunate, but not very surprising (in my opinion).

  • That sounds pretty right.  Over here the word snowflake is unlikely to be understood because it seems lots of people aren't really interested in what's happening in USA. In the past we've been running about 5 years behind in trends though internet could speed that up soon. Also newsagents are shutting up shop due to low sales but many won't subscribe to an online version so all they get is TV news.

    "We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves."

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